The Committee

2017-2018 UBPC Committee

President: Jess Greenwood

Vice President: Tom Scott

Treasurer: Lauren Snelling 

Secretary: Hannah Bayliss 

Media/Publishing: Annabel Edwards

Social: Louise Savory and Becka Horn 

Jessica Greenwood

The veteran of the club, Jess has been a member of the club since the day she set foot in uni all those years ago. Having never picked up a mallet before, Jess fell in love with the sport and we’ve been stuck with her ever since!

Besides her 15 hour library stints, Jess remained committed to her polo social life and will be sure to keep up with guild appearances this year too! After all, someone has to control this rabble after they’ve had a few!

After being trusted with the club finances 2015/16, this Northerner continues to take up the reigns as president for the second year running. She can’t wait to meet all the new members and will be sure to drive a hard bargain for us all!

Course: Chemical Engineering
Year: 5th

Tom Scott
Vice President 

Tom started playing polo in his first year of University and found this a little more challenging than most as he had never sat on a horse before.

In the 2016/17 season he took on the role of secretary due to him being the one needing the majority of lessons (!) and for the 2017/18 season he will take on the role of Vice President as token male for the committee as well as providing a northern ally for el pres.

Course: Mechanical Engineering
Year: 3rd

Lauren Snelling 

With a small amount of previous riding experience, Lauren came to uni wanting to try out Polo, as she knew that she wouldn’t have been given an opportunity to experience the sport as easily as at university. Since then she has become a keen member of our club, participating in lessons, socials and competitions. This year, she has been saddled with the club’ finances and will be keeping tight reins on the budget!

Course: Politics and International Relations
Year: 2nd

Hannah Bayliss

Hannah joined UBPC in her second year at university. She’s always been a keen rider and says that polo was the perfect way to incorporate a horsey twist into her uni life, whilst also giving her the chance to learn something new! This year Hannah has taken on the role of secretary and can’t wait to get as many new members involved as possible. She will be working with Rugby Polo Club to ensure there is as much polo playing as possible throughout the year!

Course: Geography
Year: 3rd

Annabel Edwards

Having being tempted by the polo club as a fresher, and already a keen rider, Annabel was eager to give the sport a go and has been heavily involved with the club for the past two years.

With a faultless Sports’ Night attendance record in her first year and an avid willing for getting involved in any club antics, she took on the role of social secretary 2016/17. With third year deadlines looming but still with a keen desire to remain heavily involved in the club, Annabel is putting her social media experience to the test and taking on the role of media and publishing. She will also be handling all orders for club kit, making sure we’re looking fabulous all year round!

Course: English Literature and American and Canadian Studies.
Year: 3rd

Becka Horn 
Social Secretary

Having been on ponies since a young age and competing at show jumping, Becka was drawn into the idea of trying out a new area of riding and has been addicted to Polo ever since her first lesson as a fresher.

Sports night were Becka’s favourite and most memorable nights out in her first year, and this year she will be in charge of making sure everyone else enjoys them just as much. As social secretary for the club you can be sure to expect alcohol fuelled Wednesday nights with wacky fancy-dress themes, as well as more chilled evenings spent eating food and relaxing.

Course: English Literature
Year: 2nd

Louise Savory 
Social Secretary

Having participated in riding lessons at a young age, Louise was drawn to the University’s Polo Club as she knew all abilities of riders were welcome. After the first lesson during freshers week she has enjoyed learning a new sport that she never imagined she would have the opportunity to play.

From the start of her first year Louise has been enthusiastic about being involved within the social side of the club and all it had to offer. Without a doubt, sports nights were Louise’s favourite nights out, so she took on the role of Social Secretary and is looking forward to coming up with some wacky themes for messy nights at the Guild as well as sober socials for all the team to enjoy!

Course: Sport and exercise science
Year: 2nd



2016-2017 UBPC Committee

(L-R Top Row: Arslaan Mahmood, Harry Runnacles, Tomas Camprubi and Tom Scott)
(L-R Bottom Row: Rachel McGall, Jessica Greenwood and Annabel Edwards)