Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors
Sponsors for the 2016-2017 season.

Rayworth’s Champagne Bar, Kerry Logistics and Greenwood Catering are three key supporters of UBPC and we appreciate their alliance with us very much. We look forward to working with them and encourage our members to visit their websites.

Rayworth’s Champage Bar:

Greenwood’s Catering:

Kerry Logistics:

For companies that want to sponsor UBPC in the current or next season, please do not hesitate to contact our sponsorship manager, Arslaan at: sponsorship@ubpc.co.uk

Affiliated brands and Partners
Aside from our sponsors, we are linked to a number of other companies and organisations who we collaborate with throughout the season. These affiliated brands and partners kindly support our club by providing our players with gifts and providing the prizes for our regular awards ceremonies.

Hortons England
Website: http://www.hortonsengland.co.uk

Instagram: hortons_england

Fairfax & Favor

Website: https://www.fairfaxandfavor.com

Instagram: Fairfaxandfavor